SurgeX Unveils New Technologies

May 17, 2005
Contact: 215-766-1240

PIPERSVILLE, PA — SurgeX® has re-engineered its one-rack-space (1U) surge protectors and power conditioners to feature new Advanced Series Mode® surge suppression and proprietary power conditioning technologies such as Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI filtering, SurgeX ICE® Inrush Current Elimination®, and COUVS® catastrophic over/under-voltage shutdown.

Advanced Series Mode® technology is the latest generation of SurgeX’s proven Series Mode™ circuitry, which uses an inductor as the first and primary surge suppression component to intercept and contain destructive surge energy. There has never been a failure of Series Mode™ protected equipment. Unlike other approaches, Advanced Series Mode® technology does not rely on metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) as a sacrificial component. In addition, it creates no ground-wire contamination or common-mode surges and has zero let-through voltage.

SurgeX 1U products provide guaranteed Advanced Series Mode® surge protection and power conditioning for audio, video and computer equipment. There are five 1U models: the SX1115, SX1115-RL, SX1115-RT, SX 1120-RT, and SX1215. This gives contractors a choice of Advanced Series Mode® surge suppressors at the right price point or with application specific features such as remote turn-on, front-panel lighting, or compatibility with 240-volt systems.

All SurgeX 1U models incorporate Advanced Series Mode® and Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI filtering. RL and RT models also feature SurgeX ICE® Inrush Current Elimination and COUVS catastrophic over/under-voltage shutdown. SurgeX ICE® Inrush Current Elimination solves problems typically encountered when powering-up large power amplifiers and multicomponent systems. It smoothes out inrush current spikes to prevent blown circuits, and eliminates the need for expensive time-delay circuit breakers. COUVS® catastrophic over/under-voltage shutdown is reliable fast-acting circuitry that turns off within a half-cycle of an over-voltage event. It will not false trigger on transients and automatically restores power when line voltage has returned to normal.

SX1115 Series surge suppressors are 15-amp load-capable. The SX1120-RT accepts 20-amp loads, and the SX1215 is for 240-volt applications. All models have 8 grounded AC receptacles on the rear panel, with 6 switched and 2 always on. Both R and RT models also provide a front-panel courtesy outlet.

The SX1115-RL has 2 Neutrik® XLR connectors for Littlite® gooseneck lamps to provide dimmable illumination of equipment racks in recording studios, custom design/build installations and FOH sound reinforcement applications.

The SX1115-RT has a remote turn-on capability for use in integrated power distribution systems. A rear-panel Phoenix connector allows the unit to be connected in a master-satellite configuration with a controller such as the SurgeX SEQ for the sequential power-up of multiple components.

SurgeX patented Advanced Series Mode® surge suppression technology is superior to conventional MOV or hybrid-MOV circuitry. It provides reliable protection and stops multiple surges of up to 6,000 volts and unlimited surge current without producing ground contamination or common-mode disturbances. SurgeX products meet the most stringent government purchase specifications for branch-circuit surge suppressors. Their A-1-1 rating indicates dependable protection from destructive spikes, surges and inductive transients.

SurgeX manufactures a full line of AC surge protectors and power conditioners, including rack-mount, standalone and NEMA models. SurgeX products are available through a nationwide network of authorized dealers. Contact SurgeX at or 215-766-1240.