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Power Conditioning Glossary
What is True Series Mode® Surge Protection?
Explains the differences between True Series Mode surge protectors and other types of surge protectors, with emphasis on the problems that will be encountered if the wrong type of surge protector is used on a branch circuit.
Surge & Transient Protection for Telephone, CATV & Satellite Services
This application brief outlines how telephone, cable, & satellite services enter a building and how these services should be properly installed and connected to protect connected equipment from lightning & man-made surge and transient damage.
Importance of Surge Protection
SurgeX Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI Filter
Global Voltage Chart
Worldwide voltage reference chart - for your convenience
How Ordinary Surge Protectors Work
Diagram showing a typical MOV based surge suppressor
SURGEX Series Mode® Technology
Considers the different type of equipment that can benefit from SurgeX protection
SURGEX ICE® Inrush Current Elimination®
SurgeXICE solves an old problem and also provides an innovative new approach to power control for large systems